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Diagnosing Your Needed Repair

With proper care and treatment, your boat should offer many carefree years of use. On occasion, a boat may need minor repairs. Many Ocean Kayak dealers can provide expert repair service (locate a repair dealer near you) or, by following the directions below, most of these repairs can be done at home. Use the table below to diagnose your problem. If at any point during a repair you encounter problems, please contact us for assistance.

Remember that no kayak is completely watertight. It is normal to take on up to a cup of water through rivets or hatches. However, if your kayak is taking on significant amounts of water, you may have a pin hole leak. Either locate the leak yourself (by filling the boat with water and observing leaks), or take it to your dealer for servicing. Contact us any time for assistance, and we’ll see to it you’re back on the water in no time!

WARNING: Repairing boats is a delicate procedure. Be cautious when heating any material on or around a boat. If, at any point, the boat begins to melt and give way, STOP! Allow the boat to cool before attempting to heat again. SOME REPAIRS MAY BE BETTER MADE BY YOUR PROFESSIONAL PADDLESPORTS SHOP.


  Water in the boat    
  • Bow drain plug not in
  • Rough water (i.e. stud)
  • Crack or puncture in boat
  • Large hole in boat
  • Leaking hatch
  Broken strap eye    
  • Defective strap eye
  Damaged Strip    
  • Abrasion or cut in strap
   Dent in boat    
  • Improper storage
  • Hard impact
  Pulled out handle    
  • Placing too much tension on handle (i.e., pulling on boat when tied down, hanging by handles to store)



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