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Linear, Medium-Density, Polyethylene Construction

When considering kayak construction, the key is to find material that is neither too flexible or too stiff. Flexible material is less efficient, but harder to crack. Stiff material creates a more efficient hull, but is more brittle and easier to crack. Linear, medium-density polyethylene (PE) is virtually indestructable under normal use. Being somewhat flexible, PE gives on impact, which keeps it from cracking, but maintains its stiffness using Ocean Kayak's compound curves. Polyethylene is also very abrasion-resistant, but in the event you scratch or gouge your Ocean Kayak, linear PE is repairable. Ocean Kayak offers free weld rod and repair instructions should you ever need them. By making kayaks using polyethylene, Ocean Kayak is able to provide a great product at an affordable price!

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