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 Leg Length Measurement

We have provided the leg length dimensions on each of the boat pages. These dimensions are useful for some of our longer legged customers. These dimensions are taken from the seat center rear where it contours up to the deck. Not the actual line edge at deck level, but on the upward curve itself halfway between the seat flat and the upper deck edge. The forward dimension is the furthest point on the foot wells at toe level.

You can sit on the floor with your back against a wall and your rear as close as possible. Splaying the legs slightly and flexing the knees upward a few inches duplicates the paddling position. Measuring the distance from the wall to the heel will give a rough idea of how much capacity one needs. This can be applied to our measurements to give you an idea about how a given model may work for your body. It’s no coincidence that our boats are very close across the range of models, as each is designed to accommodate a broad range of paddlers.

Note: Using a clip-on seat/backrest can result in the loss of 1-2” in leg capacity. This is a non-issue for all but the tallest customers.

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