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Ocean Kayak Key Brand Features

At Ocean Kayak we take our fun boats seriously. We bravely step outside of our cubicles to conduct hours of “field research” in search of ways to make our kayaks even better. Whether it’s by creating the ultimate comfort seating system, simplifying access to your gear or improving on design – our sit-on-tops are some of the best on the market.

An uncomfortable hard plastic seat back or no seat back at all will be the difference between being on the water for 30 minutes versus being on the water for half the day or longer! Our seats have extra foam padding to provide the ultimate in comfort and support, while the four-way adjustability provides a custom fit for almost any body type.

Hatches are standard on many Ocean Kayak models. Hatch kits are also available to add more storage space as needed.

Carry Handles 
Strong and comfortable handles make it easier to lift your kayak.

Scupper Holes
Scupper holes may be found in the cockpit, foot wells and tank well of the kayak. These holes are self-bailing which means any water coming over the deck of the kayak will automatically drain out. Scupper plugs are available as an accessory to plug up the holes, giving you a drier ride.

A rudder will enhance your ability to paddle straight, especially in strong winds or currents.

Gear Storage
Our tank wells and large hatches offer storage for almost any kayak situation. If you need to pack a lunch, pack your fishing gear or pack a week’s worth of supplies, we have a storage option for you.

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