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Scupper Holes and Scupper Stoppers


Scupper Holes

Scupper holes may be found in the cockpit, foot wells and tank well of our kayaks. These holes are self-bailing which means any water coming over the deck of the kayak will automatically drain out.
  Scupper Holes  

Transducer Compatible Scupper

A transducer compatible scupper is the enlarged scupper molded into many of our angler edition kayaks. This scupper has been specially modified to accommodate a transducer.


   Transducer Compatible Scupper Hole 

Scupper Stoppers

Scupper plugs are available as an accessory to plug up the holes, giving you a drier ride. They are available in four sizes. View our scupper stopper size chart to find the right size for your kayak. They are available for purchase in pairs from our Ocean Kayak accessories store.

   Scupper Stoppers 4 Sizes 

Scupper Valve

Patent pending valve designed to help keep water from entering via the scuppers AND to drain any water that may come over the side while you are paddling. View our scupper stopper size chart to find which models the scupper valve fits.
   Scupper Valve 

Video: Ocean Kayak Scupper Stopper Overview


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