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Kayak Care

Your boat is designed to require minimal maintenance, and a little timely care will ensure a lifetime of enjoyment. Whenever you wash your boat use mild soap and water. Rinse your boat and hardware thoroughly after paddling in saltwater as well as brackish or polluted water. A quick rinse of the moving parts of the foot braces, rudder and skeg box keeps them clean and operating smoothly.

Occasional operational checkups will keep your boat in tip top condition. Check neoprene hatch covers, cables, buckles, straps and other moving parts for wear, and replace them when necessary. Keep all nuts tight and check hardware exit holes for watertight silicone seals. Give your hull and deck a thorough review annually. Light nicks, scratches and scrapes are part of the paddling experience, but deep scratches should be repaired.

To prevent unneccesary wear to your boat, do not drag the boat across rough surfaces.

If the hull on your boat is distorted due to an accident, improper storage or transportation, correction may be simple: brief exposure to the heat of the sun often restores a hull to its original shape. If that fails, hull shape can often be restored by applying a low heat source (such as a low wattage bulb or hair dryer) to the deformed area. When the hull is pliable enough, hand-shaping can restore the hull. CAUTION: Overheating can burn you or damage the hull.

See our Kayak Repair section for more detailed repair instructions.


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