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Kayak Re-Entry

There are a variety of ways to get back on a sit-on-top kayak. One process seems to be particularly easy for most people. It was developed by Mark Olson, a representative for Ocean Kayak and is called Bellybutton, Backside, Feet or BBF. Also watch the Re-Entering a Sit-On-Top Kayak video in our Paddling Tips section.

STEP 1: 

If the boat is upside down, it will need to be turned over. To do this, reach across the bottom of the boat and grab the scupper holes.

Bring your knees up and onto the bottom of the boat. Lean back and the boat will roll over.


Position yourself so your head is near the cockpit area of the boat and you are facing the boat. Let your feet float to the surface of the water by floating on your bellybutton.

Reach across the boat to the far edge and then swim up and onto the boat, so your bellybutton is across the centerline of the boat. (Your belly should be between the foot wells and the seat.)


Roll over onto your backside which should end up in the seat. Sit up, swing your feet into the foot wells and you're ready to go.
   Kayak Re-Entry Step 1
Kayak Re-Entry Step 2
Kayak Re-Entry Step 3



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