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Car Topping the Venus

The Venus series was designed specifically to help women get their kayaks to the water. Now you can load up and head to your favorite paddling destination without help.

Car Topping the Venus - Step 1   Car Topping the Venus - Step 2   Car Topping the Venus - Step 3  

Step 1

Position hands on whichever grab handles are most comfortable
for you.

Step 2

Lift with your legs, resting kayak
on your knees if needed.

Step 3

Use the unique car-topping handle located toward the bow of the boat to guide the boat onto the top of the car.
Car Topping the Venus - Step 4   Car Topping the Venus - Step 5   Car Topping the Venus - Step 6  

Step 4

Lift and guide kayak onto the
car rack.

Step 5

Let the car rack take the weight
of the kayak.

Step 6

Push kayak into position and securely tie the boat down to the kayak rack.

Make sure the boat is secure before driving. To tie your boat down, ropes work well, but cam straps are quicker and easier. Tie down on each side of the cockpit, the tapered shape of a kayak will prevent the boat from sliding forward and backward. Don't be afraid to make these straps very tight, the chances of hurting a plastic boat are slim. We strongly recommend that a line be run from the bow and stern of all the boats to each bumper, but don't tighten these too much or you will bend your boat along its length.

Expect your straps to loosen after driving for a while, especially on bumpy roads or in wet conditions. Losing a kayak off the roof of your car is a serious concern, so take the time to occasionally pull over and double check that your kayak is secure.

You can also contact your local dealer about appropriate racks and tie down procedures.

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